Camera Sync



Camera Synchronization allows for an automatic upload to Your Cloud and then onward to Your Desktop PCs, Macs and other mobile devices of any photo or video you take.  This is instant for Android and automatic for Apple iOS* devices with the GlobalClouds Mobile Apps.

  • Take a photo or video
  • Automatically it is uploaded and encrypted in Your Cloud
  • It is copied to all your Windows and Mac PCs
  • You can view immediately download and view with mobile or tablet
  • Create a “Share Link” from your mobile App and send to anyone
  • Delete the item from your Gallery or CameraRoll to save device space
  • You can still view via the GlobalClouds File-Sync App



Never loose your memories!  Photos and Videos are automatically copied to multiple locations and secured with encryption so you have control over unlock and sharing.  Delete by mistake?  No problem simply undelete from Your Cloud with a full range of undelete and version controls.

  • Great for – Camera automatic Backup
  • Great for – Photo/Video Instant Sharing
  • Great for – Instant upload to Desktop PC
  • No more “No More Space” problems


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* Please note the Instant Upload feature is only for Android mobile devices. Automatic Upload for Apple iOS will occur when the Location Service on your device detects a change of location of your iPhone/iPad.

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