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Individually encrypted Private Clouds for personal, family or business use.


All your files, calendars, contacts, photo albums, music, videos and more across all your devices.

Works with Apple, Microsoft, Linux, Android and Web ~ on server, desktop and mobile.

It’s Your Cloud ~~ Not Theirs!

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Store, Sync and Share for individuals, families and business.


Support for Apple, Android, Linux and Microsoft devices.

Any Device

Cloud storage accessible all the time

Any time

Desktop, Mobile or Web access


Store, Sync, Share ~ Securely

Stay safe with your own encrypted Cloud

Your Cloud ~ not theirs

Its your data, so it should be in your own private Cloud!


Camera Auto-Upload

Photos are auto-copied to your Cloud, home and work PCs.


Secure File Distribution

Your data is encrypted and synchronized securely across all your devices.


Team Collaboration

Create and join teams to collaborate and share your data permanently between Clouds.


Contact ~ Address Book Harmony

Banish forever troubles with different contact details between devices with Contact-Sync.


Integrated Calendars and Tasks

Stay up to date with your Events and Tasks across all your devices with Calendar-Sync.


Store, Sync & Share Plans

Here are our most popular services;

32 GB

$3 / mth

Plans from $2 /mth

A basic Personal Cloud for backing up your mobile photos, files, contacts and appointments.
Great for Camera backup,
Photos auto-uploaded,
Sync to mobiles, PCs and Macs,
Password Encrypted,
Share by link – avoid social,
Great for one or two devices
More Info

500 GB

$69 / yr

Plans from $24 /yr

A Private Cloud ideal for the active individual with many personal devices and lots of files.
Camera Auto-Upload,
Multiple Calendars and Contacts,
Sync home and work desktops,
Sync a notebook with desktops,
Use as a Cloud backup store,
Perfect for individuals.
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1000 GB

$59 / mth

Plans from $29 /mth

A Business Team of 20x Personal Clouds securely located in Australia so data never goes off shore.
Up to 20 separate Clouds,
Each Cloud individually encrypted,
Team members can share,
Sync any folder to any folder,
Full Activity logging,
Ideal for families or small business.
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What The People Who Matter Say

  • “OMG – I take a photo on my iPhone and its automatically on my PC at home.  My husband can see it and i don’t need to share my iCloud account”

    Sonia Myska

    Bali, Indonesia

    “I was able to set up all my colleagues devices no matter what device type they had.  Everyone can easily access our office server now.”

    John Ryan


  • “What we were really impressed with was how they explained their encryption methods and mechanisms to keep our data safe.”

    Simon Rees


    “They helped me improve my backup by synchronizing all our Melbourne servers with them in Sydney.”

    Mike Samuels

    Healthy Living, Heavy Lifting

“My client property Photos are automatically uploaded to my office.  I never have to remember to iTune my iPhone anymore.”

Craig Corby

Maiden Real Estate East

“When Im on the road from my Notebook, My iPad and my Galaxy I can access all my contract files in the office.  No need to call and ask reception to email me.”

Tony Lawrence

Grail Financial

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