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It’s Your Cloud ~~ Not Theirs!


  • We are a Cloud of Clouds

Rather than being one big shared cloud we are lots of separately encrypted, individual “Private Storage Clouds”.  Each Cloud and its data belongs to its owner so it is Your Cloud not Theirs!

  • We make everything talk

Each Private Storage Cloud can be accessed by any device from platform so there is no need to be all Apple, all Android or all Microsoft!  Now you can have an Android Phone, a Windows PC and an iPad and they will all synchronize happily.

  • With “Private Encryption”

Each GlobalClouds Private Storage Cloud has its own “Private Encryption” which individually scrambles each Cloud with the user password as the private key.  This ensures total security so that without the password/key your files can’t be read by anyone.  This is fundamentally different to the other brands where even after you delete data from Their Clouds your files can still be read on request by the Courts, Governments, Advertisers or malicious parties.

While the large vendors do encrypt your data stored in their Clouds the encryption is performed using their single private key.  So at any time they can decrypt and access your files for any number of reasons.

  • We don’t claim ownership over your data or “emergent” data

Hidden deep within the terms and conditions of many Cloud Storage vendors are clauses claiming title of your uploaded files or of other sets of data created from your data (“emergent data”).  At GlobalClouds we believe your files are exactly that – yours!  We do not claim any sort of ownership, property rights or copyright and we make this explicitly clear in the opening paragraph of our Terms and Conditions which states: “..you reserve all right, title and interest (including all intellectual property and proprietary rights) in and to Your Data”.

  • Camera “Auto Upload”

Camera Auto-Upload ensures your moments are backed up and synchronized automatically.
Pictures and videos are automatically uploaded to a Private Storage Cloud and synchronized with all the other member devices.  This is great for automatic backup of camera-roll actions and automatic sharing with the extended family who can all share a Family Cloud.

  • Secure “Data Sovereignty”

Your Private Storage Cloud stays within your national borders.
Keeping information secured and within national borders is important for many individuals, business users & companies that require data sovereignty for regulatory, legal or other personal reasons.  For example for our Australian customers their information is stored in our Sydney server farms.

  • All data types

We recognize different data types and treat them differently.
Files, music, movies, docs, calendars, address books and notes are synchronized separately and can be used by different applications.  This allows for camera-rolls, calendars, address books and data files all to be treated differently but still held by one Private Cloud.

  • Apple, Google, Microsoft and Linux ~ mobile, desktop, server and web

Our client programs, apps and protocols are open and not tied to one vendor platform.
There is no need to be all Apple, all Android or all Microsoft.  You can mix and match any devices and maintain one single set of working data.  Access all your files form work and home anytime, from anywhere, from anything.  For example mum takes a photo on her iPhone and it is automatically uploaded to the Windows PC at home and available to view from dads Android tablet.

  • Team support

GlobalClouds Secure Team support allows for secure synchronization of nominated files/folders between Clouds.  People can agree between themselves to create a “Team” with membership allowing people to find each other and share-synchronize specific folders and files.  Essentially small sections of Clouds are setup to overlap becoming one.  This is a fantastic feature used extensively by our many power users.

  • Family Cloud friendly

Use a Private Storage Cloud as a Family Cloud to syncing and share ~ without the need to share iCloud or similar passwords.
Many families and extended families would like to automatically share specific but not all information.  Common examples include a family calendar, family address book and a family photo album.  Sharing of a platform username/password may not be desired (such as sharing a iCloud password) because then all personal information available is available to all the family.  A GlobalClouds.com Private Cloud shared by all family members solves this problem.

  • Share Securely NOT socially

Share securely – not socially.
Create simple unlock “Share Links” to allow others to access specific files or folders.  A Share Link is a unique URL web addresses that can be quickly created and shared from the desktop and mobile apps and later disabled.  Each Share-Link can be forwarded for quick easy, controlled access to your files.


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